All players 12 years and under that are interested in participating in summer baseball are required to (re)register for play each year. This year our sign-ups will be at Hibbett’s Sports on Saturday, February 20th form 10 AM to 2 PM and Sunday, February 21st from 1 PM to 4 PM. Requirements are: $25.00 registration dues, participation in the League fundraiser, selling Cookie Dough/Braided Bread or the buy-out option and providing a copy of your child’s birth certificate if not already on file. ALL CHILDREN ARE ENCOURAGED TO SIGN-UP AND WILL BE PLACED UPON A TEAM REGARDLESS OF YOUR PLAYING EXPERIENCE.

Follow us at or for valuable information and League updates. The website will provide League history, team and player information, schedules, standings, statistics, coaches and parents information, team and sponsor information, along with many other features. The Facebook page will be used for immediate updates such as changes to schedules, last minute notifications, etc. We will try to keep these sites updated and encourage you to stay in touch with us via these avenues for the most current information.

Anyone interested in Managing a League team this year should contact Dana Ray. Applications and contact information can be found on the League website.
We will again be using the GameChanger program for recording statistical information for all Minor/Major League games this year. Online access to follow your teams games can be secured by becoming a “Fan” on our League page on As the season approaches feel free to inquire about this feature.

Board members are: Dana Ray, President; Michael Watts, Vice-President; Joe Vossler, Treasurer; Missy Walther, Secretary and Christian Stock, Miscellaneous Coordinator. Contact any of the above thru the League website under the “Board Members” heading.

Saturday and Sunday, February 20th and 21st; Sign-Ups, All Leagues @ Hibbett’s Sports. (Times listed above).
Saturday, March 12th; Tryouts, All Leagues; Midgets @ Midget Field at 10 AM. Minors @ COCOBA Field at 1 PM and Major @ COCOBA Field at 3 PM. Rainout schedule will be the following weekend, Times to be determined.
Monday, March 28th; Practices Officially begin. See Team Schedules on the Website. (Fundraiser Turn-In)
Saturday, April 16th; Pre-Season Jambaree for Midget and Minor Leagues. Times TBD.
Thursday, April 21st; Fundraiser Pick-Up (Time and Place TBD)
Saturday, April 23rd; Pre-Season Jambaree for Major League. Times TBD.
Saturday, April 30th; Minor League Carwash @ C & R Market.
Monday, May 2nd; Opening Day for Midget League. Times TBD.
Saturday, May 7th; Opening Day for the Minor and Major Leagues. Times TBD.
Saturday, May 14th; Midget League Carwash @ C & R Market.
Saturday, June 4th; Major League Carwash @ C & R Market.




Please keep in mind that there are many things that go into re-scheduling canceled games.  Available times, park maintenance, umpires availability, etc. and this site and the Facebook page will be updated as soon as all the people involved can be consulted.  Your team manager will be notified first and it his responsibility to notify his team members.  Calling ahead of time will just delay this process so please be patient.





In 1953 Boonville Junior Chamber of Commerce,now the Boonville Jaycee’s) voted to organize a four team Midget League baseball program. Bill Jones and Don Oerly are named Commissioners for the club’s baseball project, the “Little League” A Commissioner from each of the four teams entered are to be named later. They are: Joe Esser, R.A. Johnson, Don Knowles and Walter Potter.

The Boonville Park Board approves Junior Chamber’s plan for the “Little League”. The Board agreed to construct a “Little League” diamond where the tennis courts once were located at the north end of the current baseball field. It will also supply bases, build a pitcher’s mound and supply a back stop and catcher’s equipment.

Cole and Me

The Midget League baseball teams organized and made plans for the opening of the season. The League will be for boys too young to play American Legion baseball. Eighteen boys were assigned to each of the four teams. Fifteen of these will receive uniforms. The others will be alternates and will assigned uniforms as vacancies occur. The League plans to schedule a double-header on the opening night.

The uniforms arrived, but were too small. The four teams in the League will go into action, but the boys will be playing in street clothes. The Opening Ceremonies scheduled for Tuesday, 6/30/53, will be held after the uniforms arrive correctly.

Mayor S.L. Jewett threw out the first ball. G.F. Boller, Chairman of the Board, batted and Frank Foster, member of the board, caught. A.J. Schmidt and W.R. (Oil) Clark, other Board members, were on base.

The first ever “Little League” game was won by Healzer Cartage over New Franklin IGA, 3-2. M.J. Lent was the winning pitcher and Gary Nunn caught for the winning team. Larry Doyle pitched for IGA and Jimmy MaGruder did the catching.

Shawn at age 7

This is how the current Boonville Cal Ripken Little League program originated. It has been a part of many outstanding events and accomplishments over the years and continues to thrive as a top notch outlet for our local youth.

A complete “History of the Boonville Little League” is available through the League. It contains listings of all players and coaches, team standings, individual accomplishments and many more interesting features. To purchase your copy at a tax-dedcutable donation of $25.00, contact a Board Member. Listed below you will notice copies of the inserts for last year (2005) as they are directly from the Histroy Book. The new revised book contains 360 plus pages of names and information. Call now for your copy. It would make a great Chrsitmas gift!

Jeremy Davis


In 2005, Jeremy Davis, a 12-year-old from Boonville; made a trip to Aberdeen, Maryland after being named to the Hershey Dream Team. In honor of being selcted to the Dream Team, Jeremy was invited to a weekend getaway to the 2005 Cal ripken World Series in Aberdeen, as well as a visit to Hershey Park. Only nine players between the ages of five and twelve from throughout the entire Cal Ripken Division in the world were selected bases upon their dedication, work ethic, sportsmanship and involvement with the league and community.

Game One Action
Concession Authorization

Our League was recently granted the rights to operate the concession stand located at the Little League field beginning with the 2010 season. Although we requested and hoped to begin the operation this year it was determined because of existing contract language and our League having a whole year to plan for this transfer that we would take it over the following year.

It was an intense, exciting and heartfelt battle to secure the rights to the concession stand from the Babe Ruth League and I would like to thank Angie Meisenheimer and Scott Gamel for their assistance. They brought forward some very good points and needed comments during our presentation stages.

We know this will be a lot of work and sometimes time consuming but it was time that our League controlled the operation of it and we look forward to the opportunity. I will be putting together a 3-5 person committee to study and look at all aspects involved in the formation and operation of this concession stand. If anyone is interested, please contact me at 882-5033.

Thank you for your interest and assistance,

Mike Watts

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